We focus on manufacturing quality forest products that will exceed industry standards and produce the highest value return possible from high quality renewable timber. We optimize every aspect of our operations.


Southport Forest Products was founded 1998 by Jason Smith and Jim Lyons. Both Smith and Lyons shared the vision of creating a lumber manufacturing facility to produce higher value products from underutilized pulp logs. The concept evolved into a highly efficient, high speed, high tech manufacturing operation which is one of the most efficient lumber and wood chip manufacturing operations in North America.

In 2005 Southport completed construction of a new sawmill on a newly acquired site on Coos Bay. Our objective with the new mill was to build a facility to become the most efficient lumber manufacturer in Southwestern Oregon.  The new sawmill’s performance yields substantially higher lumber recovery per ton of log input while at the same time reducing manufacturing costs through improved efficiencies in the mill.  In addition, the new facility provides transportation systems that lower our shipping expenses to customers and open market opportunities that are unavailable to us at the old (SFP) mill.


Southport Lumber Co. was established in 2004.  SLC owns and operates a new state of the art sawmill facility located at 90800 Trans Pacific Lane North Bend OR. 

Southport also owns and operates a small log sawmill and a whole log chipping operation. The facility is located 4 miles South of Coos Bay at 93611 Coos Sumner Lane, Coos Bay, OR.


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